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New State of Mind

New State of Mind is the first single to be taken from my latest album, which is still under development currently. The Single will be released 03/09/2012

Starring in the video is Brentford Football Club's goalkeeper Richard Lee, who just so happens to be my older brother.

The video re-enacts Richard's first season at Brentford where he made a less than glamorous start. Through hard work and having a NEW STATE OF MIND ;) he overcame his difficulties to have a great season.

When writing the song I drew influence from Richard's story as well as using similar personal challenges of my own where I felt in a rut without direction. The song serves as a reminder that you can only achieve great things with a great state of mind.

Richard has put his ideas into a sports psychology book called 'Graduation - Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer'. It's a great read and I thoroughly recommend checking it out.


The Band Members in the video are

  • Michael Lee - Vocals, Guitar
  • Chris Pethers - Bass
  • Duncan Lee - Drums
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